‘It is really terrible, like living in the stone ages. There are elderly people on the estate sitting there with no heating.’

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A woman living on the Orchard Village estate has slammed the estate after days of not having any heating or hot water.

Leigh who lives on the estate in Rainham has spoken to the Havering Daily about the ongoing nightmare residents face with the heating system.

For two weeks now we have had intermittent heating and hot water. This Monday and Tuesday the heating and hot water have been off all day from 9-5 pm due to maintenance work.

Last week on Tuesday it was off all day and into the night when it gets particularly cold. It’s disgraceful. In the last two weeks, there have been at least seven or eight days when we have had no heating or hot water. It has been an absolute nightmare for us.

This happens every year during the winter, I think the system gets overloaded and cannot cope. This heating system is total rubbish, you never know when it’s going to stop working. You come home from work and your house is freezing cold as the heating has gone off and then you get up in the morning and want a shower before work and you can’t as there is no hot water.

It is really terrible, like living in the stone ages. There are elderly people living on this estate having to wrap up warm everyday as they are sitting their with no heating. We are having to boil the kettle to have hot water to wash in.”

Leigh is also unhappy with the landlords Clarion.

It really seems that they are not interested and haven’t tried to sort it out at all. I know they are supposed to issue heaters when the heating system goes down but it takes them ages to do this. We are in the middle of winter it is cold out there you need a warm house with heating and hot water.

I’m paying £70 a month for a heating system that clearly is faulty and does not work properly. Now we are all asking for compensation.

South Hornchurch Residents Association Councillor Graham Williamson told the Havering Daily: “The Mayor of London demanded the use of district heating systems for new developments which prevents tenants from using/shopping around national utility companies, thus they are a captive market.

Whilst I appreciate the SSE is an independent company, the landlord invited them onto the estate to provide the heating system so surely they have a duty to protect their residents from exorbitant bills and poor service?”

He added, “There will be a meeting on Friday 31 January with the landlords, ward councillors and Jon Cruddas the local MP to discuss this.”

Jon Cruddas the Dagenham and Rainham MP told the Havering Daily “There have been a number of ongoing issues at Orchard Village and my team have been liaising with and working alongside residents to resolve them

This Friday I am meeting with the Head of Clarion to discuss a range of concerns so that we can try and find the best route through for residents.”

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