Two boys thrown off their bikes and to the ground, as thieves ride away with their bikes.

A fourteen-year-old boy and his friend had their bikes stolen from them on Saturday night by two 18-year-old males who literally threw the two lads off their bikes and onto the floor.

The vicious attack happened outside of Dagenham East station, near the industrial estate there. The bikes are now believed to be in Havering as the two suspects where spotted on the stolen bikes in Raphael’s Park this week.

The 14-year-olds had received their new bikes for Christmas and had been doing fancy bike tricks for a youtube video they enjoying doing with other friends as part of a bike community.

They were on their way home when they were assaulted by the two males.

Martin, the father of one of the boys told the Havering Daily:

My son and his friend had just finished filming their fancy bike moves they enjoy doing for their youtube video. They were on their way home when they were stopped by the two 18-year-old’s who had just been thrown out of the nearby pub.

The teenagers threatened my son and his friend and said to them, ‘did you get your bikes for Christmas?’ They replied that they did and they just laughed and said ‘oh well too bad then’ and proceeded to throw my son and his friend off their bikes and onto the floor and ride away with their bikes.

My son is very upset. He loved his bike and we had made so many changes to it such as all new fancy brakes, and new tyres. He has spent a lot of effort upgrading it to how he wants it.

My son was very shook up and did not sleep very well that night.”

Since then Martin has begun doing his own investigating as the police have still not been round to see him.

I reported it on the night. We went to the station and reported the incident to the officer at the front desk but no one has been round to speak to us as yet.

I went into the pub and spoke with the staff there who informed me that the two males were 18 years old as they had shown identification with their ages on it and that they had been thrown out of the pub.

I also managed to obtain the pint glasses they had drunk from with their fingerprints on them which I left with the police.”

The suspects are described as two white males, both ages 18 years old, both around 5’10. One is of stocky build and the other of a skinny build.

I feel so powerless and very frustrated,” continued Martin.

I want to make everyone else out there aware of what is happening. I am also looking for a company that make trackers for bikes to stop this from happening again.

If anyone has any advice or help they can give me on how to track a bike and keep it safe please let me know. We need to stop this from happening to others,” finished Martin.

A go fund me page has been set up to help Martin buy his son a new bike. If you would like to donate, please see the link below.

The two bikes stolen on Saturday night.

One thought on “Two boys thrown off their bikes and to the ground, as thieves ride away with their bikes.

  • 24th January 2020 at 12:24 am

    Was this go fund me page not set up to try and replace both bikes? as it only states 1. So sounds like only 1 kid will be getting a bike plus alot of information missing about the actual night n the fact that Callums dad was out driving about over 2 hours soon as it happened to try ‘recover both boys bikes.


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