VIDEO: Connie the dog who was found injured on the side of the road takes her first few steps again.

The Havering Daily has been featuring the heartbreaking story of the little West Highland Terrier called Connie.

Twelve-year-old Connie was left unable to walk and requiring a life-saving operation after being found by the side of the road in the early hours of the morning on December 21st.

After weeks of not being able to walk on her own or have any movement in her legs, Connie can now take the first few steps on her own.

Connie’s owners Jim and Joyce from Hornchurch had left their beloved pet with a woman they had known for years who they believed was an animal lover. Yet when they went to collect her in good Faith the following morning, they discovered the front door of the property opened, broken glass and blood on the floor. The person who was supposedly looking after Connie had been taken to hospital and Connie was nowhere to be found.

Luckily she had been collected by a good samaritan on the way home from work, who took her home and looked after her til the dog warden arrived the following morning.

Since then Connie has been unable to walk as she was found with her pelvis completely shattered and requiring a life saving operation.

Jim and Joyce are no nearer to finding out what happened to their little Connie that night.

Joyce told the Havering Daily:The woman we left her with says she does not know what happened. The police are looking into this but we have not had any news so far. We were distraught when we were told that she had been found unable to walk and with blood on her face.

It’s the not knowing part that is really hard.”

Connie was taken to a specialist unit in Cambridge where she had pins placed in her pelvis to help her move again.

Since then she has not been able to walk and moves about by dragging her two back legs behind her. However there are now signs of hope.

Joyce continued: “She had her stitches removed last week and began her hydrotherapy treatment at a centre in Hainault. The treatment is going very well and we are starting to see some positive steps.

Connie can now lift herself up to go to the toilet and try’s to walk a few steps on her own again. We are hoping in time the feeling in her legs will come back again.”

Connie is having laser treatment this week to help her move her legs and is going to the specialist unit in Cambridge on Wednesday for a check up.

There are slow signs of improvement and I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support and donations. I just want her to wag her tail again now, she’s not done that since all this happened to her,” finished Joyce.

If you would like to help Connie get back on her feet, please consider donating to her GoFundMe fund, which has been set up to help Connie’s owners ensure she gets the treatment she needs.:

Connie under going her hydrotherapy treatment and taking her first steps.

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