VIDEO: ‘There is no lighting, no heating and no water after the ceiling caved in.’

Tenants in a house of multiple occupancy have been living in appalling conditions in Harold Hill.

The property in Sheffield Drive is without water and electricity after the kitchen ceiling caved in weeks ago.

Mike, one of the residents has been unable to cook a decent meal, have heating or lighting and was forced to turn the water off after the ceiling collapsed in the kitchen.

Mike is a mental health sufferer and has two therapy dogs and has been living in these inhumane conditions for weeks now.

The last decent meal Mike was able to have was at the Salvation Army on Christmas Day.

The kitchen without electricity,

He has been pleading with the letting agents to come and fix the property and has been threatened with eviction and having his dogs taken off him.

Mike is a volunteer for Take A Knife Save A Life and helps the community litter pick.

Councillor Jan Sargent from Gooshays ward has been trying to help with this issue.

Buckets to collect the water after the ceiling fell through.

Councillor Sargent told the Havering Daily: “I can only hope that this issue is resolved as soon as possible as obviously these are not acceptable conditions for people to be living under.

I’m waiting to hear from Havering Council’s Public Protection Manager who I have contacted regarding this and am trying to liaise with for the private sector.”

Mike has a concerned neighbour who is aware of the dreadful conditions he and the other occupants are living in and has been helping him resolve this issue.

This property is not council owned and the Havering Daily is awaiting a response from the letting agents.

Mike at the property.

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  • 18th January 2020 at 9:54 am

    is he even from this borough?


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