Suspect flees after ramming police car in Collier Row.

Parents collecting their children from school yesterday witnessed a police chase across parts of Collier Row.

Just before 3.30 police cars and the police helicopter were seen in Rise Park.

Jenny who was collecting her daughter from Rise Park school told the Havering Daily:

We saw the police cars going past the school gates and the police helicopter above with its lights on looking for a car. We watched from inside the school gates.”

Other witnesses report seeing the fleeing car mount the kerb as it attempted to escape police vehicles in pursuit and police dogs deployed in Lawns Park to track down the suspects.

A Met spokesperson told the Havering Daily:

At around 15.24 on the 10th of January police pursued a suspect vehicle in the Annan Way of Havering.

Officers attempted to use tactical contact to bring the vehicle to a stop.

The pursuit was terminated and the suspect vehicle made off after it collided with a number of other vehicles and rammed a police vehicle.

There were no reported injuries and the vehicle was found abandoned in Lawns Park a short time after.”

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