VIDEO: ‘Thank you to everyone for your support, we will never really know what happened to our Connie.’

The owners of Connie, the twelve-year-old West Highland Terrier who had her pelvis smashed have been blown away by well wishes and people donating to their go fund me page.

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Jim and Joyce from Hornchurch have been inundated with people asking after Connie following the horrific nightmare the family has been through and would like to thank everyone for their ongoing kindness and support.

Connie was found in the early hours of Sunday 22 December along the side of the road in Aveley soaking wet and unable to walk.

The Hornchurch family had left their beloved dog with a friend who they have known for many years and always believed to be an animal lover.

They were devastated to find a crime scene at the house of their family friend the following day with the door open, broken glass all over the floor, blood on the ground and no Connie to be found anywhere.

Jim at first was unsure what to do and could not comprehend what had gone on at the property. Their friend was nowhere to be found and believed to have been taken by ambulance to the hospital and Connie’s collar and lead were still at the house.

A neighbour came out to assist Jim and put Connie’s photo up on facebook where a lady responded saying her son had found a dog answering to Connie’s description in the early hours of the morning along the side of the road unable to walk.

Following this horrific ordeal, Connie has been at a specialist unit in Cambridge undergoing intensive surgery. Her pelvis was shattered to pieces and required pins being placed.

The family were only able to see their Connie once a week and were devastated at what had happened to her.

Now, after two weeks of intensive treatment, Connie was allowed to go home on Saturday needing an intense course of physiotherapy and a lot of massaging to get her legs moving again. She currently has over forty stitches in her back on either side of her pelvis.

At the moment Connie cannot walk, she uses her two front paws to drag herself around and has no movement in her back legs.

Connie in her hoist.

“We have been told to keep her in the large cage for a while until she can start to move about on her own again. We are taking it in turns to sleep on the couch to watch over her every night and during the day we are trying to use a hoist to get her back legs moving again.

“It’s heartbreaking to see her like this, she wants to move about but she can’t so she drags her back legs behind her. The vet has given us a list of massage exercises to do with her every day to get her back legs moving again.

“Thank you to everyone who has donated to our go fund me page. We really appreciate people’s kindness. It is a long road ahead for our Connie but at least she is with us and back home now. I don’t think we will ever know what happened to her. Whether she was run over or kicked so badly that it shattered her pelvis. The police in Aveley have helped us try and piece this story together but we still don’t know what happened to her,” said Jim.

Connie’s treatment has cost the couple so far over £10,000 which they are struggling to pay. Now they have the additional cost of many weeks of physio for her.

“She is our family, we love her, no matter what the cost somehow we will find a way,” finished Joyce.

If you would like to help pay for Connie’s medical treatment, please see Jim and Joyce’s go fund me page link below.

Connie at home with her family.

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