Community steps in to help local charity.

The Rainbow Trust, a charity for children with severe illness found themselves with no one to run their special Christmas event in Harold Wood this year.

Krystyna Koseda who is an admin for the Facebook group Harold Wood Neighbours saw a post where the charity were looking for help and stepped up to the mark.

With only ten days to organise this mammoth task Krystyna looked for a team of volunteers to help her raise money for this amazing charity.

Krystyna told the Havering Daily:

I enquired at the look Rainbow Trust shop along Station Road what help they needed and decided to organise the event myself.

I had a time frame of just ten days to organise this event so I posted on my group a plea looking for volunteers and people came to help.

Paul Vearers came forward and became our driver and also built up the slay making sure it was road worthy with the help of Daniel Claridge.

Thomas Clarke came forward and I persuaded him to be Father Christmas for us. Street collectors came forward such Councillor Tele Lawal, Linda Colls, Jane Eve, Laura Barrett, Zoe Outridge and Barbara from the Rainbow Trust.

With practically only one week to organise this event it really was full steam ahead. I was very lucky and had an amazing team.

We raised an incredible £603.42 on one night Thursday 19th from 5-8pm.”

Congratulations to Krystyna and her team of volunteers for doing a truly amazing job.

Santa on his sleigh.
The team of volunteers.

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