VIDEO: Controversy over the curious case of the missing Conservative candidate

During the Havering Daily hustings event on Monday 9th of December, a very unusual yet reoccurring theme seemed to take place and that was the continuous talk about the missing Conservative candidate.

All the Dagenham and Rainham candidates were at the event, bar one, Councillor Damian White.

His seat was left empty with only his name plate on show to represent where he would have sat.

Throughout the night much was made of his absence and his empty chair was waved in the air to highlight his disappearance.

The audience were disappointed in not having had the opportunity to be able to question Councillor White and felt quite disgruntled that he did not show up in the constituency he is standing in.

Many local residents felt that the controversial decisions taken by the Council Leader this year have left him with somewhat of a negative image.

The public’s vote at the end definitely seemed to be that this is a two horse race between Labour’s Jon Cruddas and the Brexit party’s Tom Bewick.

Two horse race. Labour candidate Jon Cruddas and Brexit Party candidate Tom Bewick.

This is one of the most contested seats in the country with national media highlighting the Dagenham and Rainham battle.

In two days time all will be revealed.

Follow the Havering Daily for up to date news as we will be live at the count on Thursday night.

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