Julia Lopez, Conservative Candidate for Hornchurch and Upminster.

The Conservative Hornchurch and Upminster Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Julia Lopez today writes for the Havering Daily.

Since 2017, I have served as your MP with pride and dedication, and as the Conservative candidate at this General Election I would love the chance to continue that service and roll out the ambitions we have for our constituency and our country in the years ahead.

One of my priorities these past two years has been to increase the profile of Hornchurch & Upminster in Westminster and bring more Cabinet Ministers to Havering to ensure residents get the resource they deserve. This has led to tangible outcomes – from the £17 million we secured for a new health centre in Hornchurch and cash to improve our junctions, roads and river crossings, to the extra money secured for the Met and the new nursery places, capital investment and special needs funding that we won for our schools and Havering Sixth Form College.

I have shared progress on these campaigns through my regular media columns and written too about the range of community events and groups we have established to benefit residents and local businesses such as our Older People’s Fair and the Trade Hub at Queen’s Theatre for companies looking to export. We have also undertaken campaigns and petitions to keep open local police stations and Post Offices, and to secure step-free access to our stations.

I have set up a new local office to provide residents with a responsive and efficient service from me as their MP. To this end, my fantastic team have helped over 3500 individual constituents with their cases and enquiries, we have visited forty local schools and colleges and undertaken countless visits to businesses and community groups across the constituency.

My primary role, however, has been to act as your voice in parliament and I have helped bring in tougher powers to fight knife crime and terrorism and taken a range of local issues to national level such as the campaign to improve children’s cancer treatment and secure new treatments for cystic fibrosis sufferers.

If re-elected I want to see us finally bring Brexit to a successful conclusion and put the appalling division and behaviour in the last House of Commons firmly behind us. This country is fizzing with creativity and talent, and it is time we unleashed it and started focusing on the issues that matter most in people’s everyday lives.

In the coming years, we want to be fully-engaged with the design of the St George’s Health and Well Being Hub in Hornchurch to make Havering a nationwide success story in integrated health and social care. I want to continue the work I have started against youth violence and social deprivation by rolling out new partnerships between schools, emergency services and community organisations like the West Ham United Foundation. I want to introduce new events like our Jobs Fair and roll out our new work experience and debating competitions to get school children engaged with our democratic system from an early age. And I want to use my experience as a very new mum to look at whether maternity, childcare and pre-school services are working as they should.

With my experience on the International Trade Committee, I also want to play an active role in building an exciting new path for Britain after Brexit, linking up new transport infrastructure with expanding ports in the Thames Gateway region, and reforming our education and skills systems so that we have a dynamic, globally-competitive workforce.

I would welcome the support of Hornchurch & Upminster once again on 12 December so that I can continue to secure further positive breakthroughs for the residents that I have been honoured these past two years to serve.

5 thoughts on “Julia Lopez, Conservative Candidate for Hornchurch and Upminster.

  • 2nd December 2019 at 10:02 am

    Note there are no references to the any local matters except for the new health centre on the old St George’s hospital site. Not surprising as Lopez does not live in, or anywhere near, the Constituency.
    The new centre has appeared as a happy accident as a planning condition which allowed residential development of this prime site. The bill is being footed by the developers not the Government.
    False news Lopez.

  • 2nd December 2019 at 10:31 am

    Too many housing developers making huge profits. Havering need to replenish affordable social housing as the housing stock was allowed to be sold off as right to buy.

    • 2nd December 2019 at 6:26 pm

      This is my issue , I have voted conservatives for the last 2 elections , however I am now
      in a pondery as to whether to vote or not , in this election and this is why : Julia you have represented me regarding a very serious complaint against an academies school within havering , this complaint has gone all the way to not only Secretary of State but now to Parliamentary ombudsman, since pursuing my complain it has come to light that worryingly academy schools are not accountable to anyone other than theirselves, nearly all the gov departments I dealt with including OFSTED claimed no remit to investigate an academy school , it’s also been evident that they also run as independent businesses , yet receive Public funding under charitable law , this is outrageous and very worrying as ALL secondary schools in Havering are now ACADEMY schools . My family have been personally effected as you know whereby my eldest child’s education was failed including serious breaches of safeguarding , suspected malpractice and breach in personal data by the school in question . At no point even with your intervention has anyone been held accountable for this and no resolution has been concluded , in fact to this day 4 yrs on 2015 from me first raising concerns about the governing body and management at this school the same trust is still running the academy . the same trustee / chair of governor who showed no remorse or accountability for his schools actions including the dishonesty. In no other profession would the management be allowed to get away with this , so why are schools any different? It frustrates me to see that only April this year , the school received approx £ 2 million cash injection , this allegedly was given to schools who are deemed as Good or outstanding , honestly how did this school qualify considering the serious breaches and failings that have occurred at this school , let alone the countless students that they have failed and are still failing to this day , the figures don’t lie Julia please take a look at gov. Uk whereby they are ranked 3rd from
      The bottom and the progress 8 is below average for another consecutive year , this also doesn’t take into account the poor record that Havering as a whole in regards to our secondary schools which are ranked amongst the lowest in London for negative progress scores , and this was evident in sue Baldwin’s letter to me in 2017 , so what has been done about it ? Well As far as I can see NOTHING!!

      On another note I have seen ( they work for you ) that you appear to have voted for a 56% decrease in central government funding to our borough , yet you are say that you are raising the boroughs profile and securing extra funding for essential services like new health clinic in Hornchurch , mental health and schools , sorry but I am confused …as surly by you voting for us to loose over half the central government budget how can this be to an advantage to the constituents in Havering , this will just Cut the funding to our essential services even more so we are actually worse off . The new health clinic in south Hornchurch is of no benefit to my family from what I can see , As it’s only going to serve the new housing development that is currently being built hence more population to an already over populated borough , all trying to use the already overstretched queens hospital . The overstretched queens hospital has also effected my family recently, because the services cannot Cope . I hope you will understand my predicament as All these issues has arisen under a Tory Government, This is not a personal attack on yourself as I’ve said I know you tried to help in my case but I cannot vote for a government that damaged education , NHS these are all important issue to me . In regards to Brexit well that is another shambles !!

  • 2nd December 2019 at 4:23 pm


    I am trying to find out what area Miss Lopez lives in and is she affected with what is happening in the area we all live in .

  • 2nd December 2019 at 4:49 pm

    She doesn’t live in our area – but in North London!


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