What about us Councillor White?

The Wennington Village Association, fearful of the mass-housebuilding beginning to be rolled out over Havering, have applied to make their historic and beloved small green a Village Green.

This would protect the land from Council or developers’ building on it. 

To their shock and horror the Council are objecting to such a change of status. Locals fear that it might be a hint of further development?

Wennington Village Green

Vice-Chair of the Association Brigitte Antal told the Havering Daily:

Our application has been rejected on many grounds some of which we expected and others we find quite surprising.

No matter how long members of the village committee have lived here for, the application has been submitted to represent the wider community and to create a better future for families in the area.

Our village has a changing demographic. Many of our residents are elderly, we’ve got social housing and private renting. It’s difficult to gather evidence however, it is common knowledge that this space has always been used for regular sports and pastimes by the community.”

Nearby Councillor Graham Williamson (South Hornchurch) said: “The most important aim should be the protection of the Green, whatever its’ status.

In my ward we campaigned to protect the Dovers Farm Green for over 5 years.

Although the Council Administration also resisted our application for Village Green status they have finally agreed not to build upon the land”.

He added:

I see no reason, assuming the Council have no imminent plans to build on it, why the Council Leader could not give a similar commitment and legal protection to protect the Wennington Green?”

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