VIDEO: ‘This action took about ten minutes,often the amount of delays commuters face on trains. I don’t advocate it but we do need the Government to take action here.’

Extinction Rebellion activists targeted public transport this morning in two separate incidents across east London as tube trains were delayed.

The first involved a protester standing on the roof of a tube train at Canning Town station with a banner and the second saw an eighty three year old man glue himself to a tube at Shadwell station.

The protester on the roof of a tube train this morning at Canning Town.

Commuters removed the protester in Canning Town themselves as they awaited for police to arrive. Angry scenes were witnessed as the protester was abused by members of the public trying to get to work.

In another incident eighty three year old Phil Kingston glued himself to a train in Shadwell to make his point known.

Nolly from Havering’s Extinction Rebellion exclusively told the Havering Daily:

I personally don’t agree with targeting public transport, we are encouraging people to ditch their cars and use public transport so I was not involved in this protest.

‘I watched it live and I did find it scary. I didn’t vote for this action to take place but what I found scary was how quickly the level of violence broke out. It was quite symbolic.

It shows how quickly we are going to turn to violence when climate changes are seriously going to affect us here. Last year we saw a twenty per cent crop failure so this is quite symbolic of how people are going to react when we run out of supplies, people are going to turn to violence. What will happen when we will really start to suffer with climate changes?

We are totally against the use of violence and we will never condone any form of violent activity.’

We asked Nolly her view on angry commuters that were annoyed with having their train delayed because of the protesters and that protesters should not target members of the public who do actually try and change their lifestyle to help the planet.

Nolly responded:

This action took about ten to fifteen minutes, which is often the amount of delays commuters face on trains most days. I don’t advocate it but we do need the Government to take action here.

The suffragettes were ridiculed when they first started, they were beaten and laughed at. Their protests began to be more forceful and finally women got their right to vote.

This was not a violent protest.’

Extinction Rebellion activists have today issued an urgent plea:

Government please tell the truth on the climate and ecological emergency. We are at the end of the business as usual line, it is time to stop harming the world in which we live and begin repairing.’

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