‘EU authorities should work day and night to get a Brexit deal.’

This week Jon Cruddas MP joined eighteen other Labour MPs urging the EU Commission and EU27 not to delay Brexit further. The letters to Jean Claude Juncker and to Donald Tusk outline that the EU authorities should ‘work night and day, if required, to agree a deal.’

The MPs argue that ‘The EU Commission, the EU27 and the UK government have to find an accommodation.

‘An orderly Brexit is better than a No Deal Brexit. The public are tired of deadlock and want Brexit resolved. That a deal will deliver an orderly Brexit, respect the 2016 referendum decision and protect the Good Friday Agreement.

‘A deal can provide the guarantees and rights that most voters, including Remain voters value. That until a deal is agreed the country cannot heal its divisions. That the parties to the negotiations should be willing to ‘work night and day if required’ until an agreement is reached.’

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham said:

 ‘I made a commitment at the last election to honour the 2016 referendum result, that is why I am urging the EU Commission to agree a deal so that we can move forward as a country. Further delay will solve nothing and will only add to public division.

I have always maintained that a no-deal scenario would have too many negative consequences for my constituency, which is why I continue to make every effort to ensure Parliament gets the best possible outcome – whilst still delivering what people in Dagenham and Rainham voted for.

The MPs argue that a deal is very likely to be ratified by Parliament and “our votes will be decisive” signalling that the Parliamentary deadlock will be ended.’

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