‘It’s important for people with disabilities to be included in daily activities and special occasions’.

This week the Havering Daily mental health columnist Hazel, tackles the topic of inclusion.

It’s important for people with disabilities (mental or physical) to be included in daily activities and special occasions. 

Some people get to anxious to go to events and will often decline an offer. However, you should never stop inviting them. You never know when they will have the courage to say yes. 

I tend to shy away from events due to having panic attacks but was recently asked to sing at a Macmillan coffee event. I took some persuading but eventually accepted the invitation. Leading up to the event I was extremely nervous but was I honoured to have been asked to sing for people with various disabilities. 

Staff and members worked so hard for this event and raised great awareness for this cause. To see how happy the members were was overwhelming. 

Michelle Nelson spoke to us, she said ‘I work for an organisation called Uniting Friends. We provide day services for adults with learning disabilities. We as staff wanted to raise money for the MacMillan  fund.

‘This is such a good cause, lots of the members families supported us on the day. We managed to raise over £550. We really appreciate Hazel singing for us. It was a great afternoon and all the members enjoyed singing along and dancing all afternoon.  We did this in remembrance of David Brett (a member) and all the others that we have lost to cancer.’

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