VIDEO: Hornchurch Residents Association walk out of Full Council.

Tonight’s Full Council at the town hall was eventful to say the least. Tensions were high which resulted in a number of Resident Association Councillors deciding to walk out in protest.

After they walked out the Havering Daily was able to get this exclusive interview with them to find out why they decided to leave.

Hornchurch Residents Association Councillors

One thought on “VIDEO: Hornchurch Residents Association walk out of Full Council.

  • 30th September 2019 at 11:28 am

    As a Hornchurch resident I watched the meeting. I have been following what the Conservatives are doing to see where all our council tax is getting spent and have to say I am appalled at the conservatives the administration AND the way the Mayor allows Damien white to go on a rant about Brexit when it really is NOT relevant or related to havering’s current issues.
    Issues such as:
    They are claim they can’t fund all Haverings wonderful libraries,
    They claim they can’t fund Children’s Centres,
    They claim they need to charge for parking thus ruining local businesses in the area
    They claim they should build on our wonderful green spaces.

    Talk about Irony, to go from building over our loved green spaces to spending thousands on green flag awards.
    Spending millions on un-necessary roadworks e.g. Western Road (conveniently outside a Conservative building with Rosindells face posted up on 5 larger than life boards – the word Narcissistic comes to mind)
    Allowing dodgy signs up stating the obvious ‘Another road fix by havering council’

    Also spending extra council money on a special edition of “Living in Havering” which features Damien Whites face 18 times!!!

    However, I don’t trust that our green spaces are safe, far from it. Damien White has declared he wants to follow in Andrew Rosindell’s footsteps and become an self serving MP. This is probably so that he can distance himself from the people of Havering who know who to hold accountable and thus have completely lost faith in him. God help whoever/wherever votes him in as an MP.


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