Since becoming PM he has lurched from one disaster to another.

Today, the press officer for Romford Labour writes in the Havering Daily about the current situation in Parliament.

On Wednesday eleven Supreme Court judges unanimously found that our Prime Minister Boris Johnson had suspended Parliament unlawfully. In effect they ruled that he had misled the Queen in order to prorogue Parliament and avoid scrutiny.

In any normal time this would result in the Prime Minister immediately resigning, however these are not normal times.

Since becoming PM he has lurched from one disaster to another – Lost a by-election, lost his majority in the House of Commons, lost every Commons vote and now has lost a Supreme Court ruling.

Should we be surprised by Johnsonʼs incompetence? Of course we shouldnʼt. His whole career is a litany of mistakes and untruths.

As a journalist he was fired for fabricating a story, as an editor he had
to apologise for blaming drunken Liverpool fans for the 1989 Hillsborough disaster and as London Mayor he “spaffed up the wall” £53 million on a vanity Garden Bridge project.

When Foreign Secretary he somehow managed to make Nazanin Zaghari Radcliffeʼs situation even worse and now as Prime Minister he has carried on making mistake after mistake.

The privileged upbringing he enjoyed on the fields of Eton and his subsequent stint in the infamous and exclusive Bullingdon Club appear to have created a man who considers himself above reproach.
He really does feel itʼs one rule for him and one rule for everyone else.
This current situation must be acutely embarrassing for our Member of Parliament Andrew Rosindell.

The Queen or The Conservative Party Andrew? It appears you canʼt champion one without letting the other go.

After being very vocal in his support of Johnson he now finds himself in a tricky position. Can he possibly find a way of condoning Johnson misleading the Queen? Given Andrewʼs lifelong obsession with the monarchy, Union Jack waving and blue passports his loyalties will really be tested.

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  • 26th September 2019 at 9:35 am

    It’s Johnson at least spell his name right


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