Breaking VIDEO: Saved! Gooshays Green and Dovers Farm!

Councillor Jan Sargent who has fought the battle to save Gooshays Green.

Cheers were heard across the council chamber as the Leader of the council, Councillor Damian White announced that Gooshays green and Dovers farm were saved from redevelopment.

Both were due to be redeveloped into houses amid protests from many local residents.

Gooshays green in Harold Hill and Dover’s Farm in Rainham had been earmarked to have houses built on, a matter that had caused much unhappiness from residents living nearby at the loss of their much loved green space.

A double protest was held tonight outside Havering town hall before a full council meeting.

The protests were about the removal of the free thirty minutes parking and the building on the borough’s green spaces.

The two protest combined this evening to join hand in hand united against the leader of the council’s decisions that they feel are both destroying the high streets and our green spaces.

As the sun sent across Romford, chants could be heard of ‘Save Our Shops’ and ‘Save Our Greens’ coming from the town hall as local residents and shop keepers joined force to make their feelings heard.

Local resident Jane Lee told the Havering Daily. ‘I’m very angry at the way the council have treated Upminster and Hornchurch. They have attacked the two towns with Residents Association councillors and they are going to make those parking charges affect all the businesses and they are feeling it now.

‘I’m here for the parking charges increases but I’m also very angry at the building on the Upminster ‘Pitch and Putt’. It’s too much over development.’

Local business owner Jeremy Scott who runs a book shop in Upminster that has been there for over eighty years, told the Havering Daily ‘I’m here to protest against these ridiculous parking charges. They are killing my business right now. My business will not be here if these charges continue.

‘We are a double digit down, it’s killing the business.’

Watch Damian White deliver the news here

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