In advance of the protest due to be hold outside the town hall on Wednesday this week, Councillor Graham Williamson writes in the Havering Daily.

The Conservative Administration was elected last year on the slogan ‘Keep Havering Special’. For most electors that meant protecting our green spaces, opposing overdevelopment and ensuring our public services are not overwhelmed by too many people.

In reality, this Administration is presiding over unprecedented growth without the necessary infrastructure. The threat to build on the Dover’s Farm Green in South Hornchurch, Gooshays Green in Harold Hill and on the Upminster Pitch and Putt, are symbols of such over development. The amount of properties delivered would be negligible but the loss of valuable and much loved space incalculable.

This is why Havering’s three Resident Associations have put in a joint motion at the next full Council opposing the loss of these greens. Unlike his predecessor, the present Council Leader stubbornly refuses to drop his plans.

As such, residents in those areas do not believe in the Council’s promise of ‘Keeping Havering Special’ any more and are holding a demonstration outside the Town Hall at 6.45 to coincide with the Council meeting on Wednesday 25th September.

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