MP Supports Alzheimer’s Research #ShareThe Orange


Saturday 21st September is World Alzheimer’s Day and Jon Cruddas MP is joining Alzheimer’s Research UK to call for greater awareness of dementia and the need for more research. The announcement comes ahead of World Alzheimer’s Day as the charity launches a major new awareness campaign fronted by Samuel L. Jackson.

Despite dementia now being the UK’s leading cause of death, a recent poll found that 22% still incorrectly believe that dementia is an inevitable part of getting older. Alzheimer’s Research has joined forces with Samuel L. Jackson for the #ShareTheOrange campaign to highlight that physical diseases cause dementia using an orange to symbolise the weight of matter lost in the brain as the condition develops.

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham said ‘There are currently 1228 people living with dementia in my constituency and with an ageing population it is important that people know the facts. I’m urging residents to ‘Share the Orange’ and support organisations such as Alzheimer’s Research UK to help bring about life-changing treatments for dementia sooner.’

Diseases like Alzheimer’s are not a normal part of the ageing process. They are physical diseases that damage the brain. This is the message at the heart of Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Share the Orange campaign. In the campaign film, Samuel explains ‘The damage to a brain with Alzheimer’s can leave it weighing 140g less than a healthy one. That’s about the weight of an orange…this shows us it is a physical disease…’

The campaign video can be found HERE – please watch and share using the hashtag #ShareTheOrange

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