‘Bullying happens face to face or on social media, it’s easy to hide away and hide the truth from loved ones’.

‘Don’t let bullies beat you,’ this week our mental health columnists Hazel tackles the topic of bullying.

Bullying is a huge topic at the moment. People being targeted because of their weight, colour of hair or mental health disabilities. Bullying happens on social media, or face to face and it happens to people of all ages. 

I have been targeted and bullied by an ex boyfriend for a few years. I used to get upset and struggle to go out and face people because of the things he said. But now I know I am strong and a better person than he will ever be. 

It’s so easy to hide away and hide the truth from loved ones. But those nasty words will eat away and you will keep hearing them in your head. You will feel worthless and possibly suicidal. You need to seek help, talk to someone and know that you are the better person and you can get through this. 

Jesy Nelson from Little Mix recently opened up in a documentary of how she was bullied online and tried to take her life.  It’s not easy to forget a bullie’s nasty words and actions, but she is proof you can beat it. 

Bullies should be ashamed of what they do. If you get bullied and feel suicidal please seek help.  Either speak to a friend or family member or contact the Samaritans Romford : 01708740000

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