Should police ram moped riders off their bikes?

Moped crime related thefts hit the headlines last year, as public outcry hit a high.

In response to the public outcry the police took on tougher measures to put a stop to the spate of crimes that had been causing terror across the capital.

This measure involved ‘ramming’ moped riders off their bikes and stopping them from causing further damage to society.

Figures released this week by The Daily Mail, clearly prove that this tactic has worked with a reduction in moped crimes by more that half.

Figures fell from 20,973, to 9,723 following the use of the new ramming technique.

In an exclusive interview with the Havering Daily, former Detective Chief Inspector Peter Kirkham speaks about moped crime.

The reduction in moped crime proves exactly everything we’ve been saying, that we need robust measures to stop crime. Certain police bosses are spineless and didn’t want to enforce this tactic. As a result moped riders knew that could get away with it and started taking off their helmets and running amok on our streets.

This is a classic example of how police bosses are influenced by those who have no experience in policing, snowflakes who make ridiculous decisions and let people get away with crimes.

If the word gets out that police aren’t going to chase you, then of course everybody joins in once it is known.

It is utterly stupid that certain police bosses do not listen to operational police officers. Now they have gone back and realised that the public actually want robust police tactics.’

With figures more than halving, the ramming tactic seems to have clearly achieved results.

There still aren’t enough authorised police vehicles on our streets to ram these moped riders of their bikes. We need to increase these tactics and make sure that police officers aren’t charged with dangerous driving, the law needs to be changed.

This is a massive step in the right direction but we still don’t have enough officers to be using this tactic everyday.’

Do you agree with these tactics? Lets us know your views on this topic.

One thought on “Should police ram moped riders off their bikes?

  • 8th September 2019 at 10:11 am

    In my opinion the police need to do what ever it takes to make the positive change.
    Yes there must be checks and balances in place to make sure they do not overstep the mark.

    In my opinion, when someone openly and knowingly steps outside of the law to commit crime, they should be no longer fully protected by the law.

    The point in question – children robbing others on motorbikes – removing their helmet as they do not expect the police to chase them and knock them off – what a great move from the police and a want to thank the officers who took the decision to do so. The impact (no pun intended) was immediate and the reduction in this sort of crime was felt across the country.

    The police must be protected when they make these moves. It does not give them open authority to harm. It does give them the right to stop what ever crime is happening or if it has happened what ever is necessary to apprehend the criminal.


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