Havering Local Businesses speak about the car park increases.

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Today, Simon Ford from Havering Local Businesses writes in the Havering Daily about the car parking tariffs and how they could be reviewed if Boris Johnson provides more local funding for councils.

Simon writes:

Havering Local Businesses welcomes the news from the leader of Havering Council Councillor Damian White, to review parking charges if the PM gives more money to local funding.

However, we feel the council could go further and reintroduce free parking and scrap the all day on Sunday and the overnight fee, 

The council leader says it would cost seven hundred and fifty thousand pounds to reinstate the parking tariffs of pre June 2019 in the Upminster and Hornchurch area. But after spending millions on the former Marks & Spencer unit in South street in Romford. We feel the news of today is good but…

This issue affects everyone, from children whose parents have to pay over £700 a year in parking fees to be dropped off and picked up from school, to the elderly having to pay £1.50 to park to get their prescription from a local chemist.

Last Thursday’s protest saw Councillor Damian White storm out of Upminster Library after just 30 minutes of the hour and a half surgery and then posted at 7pm on Twitter of how he was enjoying himself at the theatre.

Councillor White was addressing the whole room rather than the organised one to one surgery. Local residents and business owners were very upset with the poor response from the leader’s answers, saying he should listen to the people, in which Councillor White got very upset.

Then, after everybody laughing at Councillor White for referring himself as a ‘voted member of the council’, Councillor White made a swift exit.

So we do very much hope that Councillor White has listened to every question residents and business owners of Havering have asked him and improves the parking tariffs before more businesses suffer and even close. Until they do revert back to pre-June, Havering Local Businesses are a support group for local businesses and we will not stop protesting, 

Havering Local Businesses next protest is at Havering Town Hall from 7pm on Wednesday 25th September. We encourage all to attend to give their support.

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