Harold Hill councillor brands new tariffs a fiasco

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A Harold Hill councillor has branded the increase in tariffs and new parking charges a ‘complete fiasco’ following the failure to access the free thirty minute ticket on Sunday’s in the Hilldene area. 

Gooshays Ward Councillor Jan Sargent told the Havering Daily ‘The new parking charges were installed on the 3rd of June and here in the Hilldene area we are still entitled to the free thirty minutes throughout the week. Yet every Sunday when we go and attempt to get a free thirty minutes ticket it won’t allows us so we are having to pay £1.50 or face getting a parking ticket.’

‘Since the 3rd of June, despite the machines clearly having written that you can have a free thirty minute ticket on a Sunday, we haven’t been able to get one. People keep trying every Sunday as it says we are clearly eligible for the ticket, but no ticket is issued.

Councillor Sargent has written to the Council on several occasions asking them to please rectify this matter but still nothing has happened and locals are getting fed up and confused with the ongoing situation.

 ‘The council have informed me that it will be fixed but this has not happened and people are getting angry that on Sunday’s when many come out to get coffee or breakfast, they can not get their free 30 minute parking. the council sent me an email saying they were sorry for this current situation and were trying to change it but nothing has happened. People don’t want to risk leaving their car without a ticket in fear of getting a parking ticket so instead are paying £1.50.’

The parking charges have been a huge source of discontent throughout the borough with Hornchurch and Upminster residents coming out in masses to protest against the increases. 

People are so confused around here. Every Sunday since the new parking tariffs were introduced I have come out to see if the free thirty minutes is working on a Sunday and ever Sunday so far it has not worked. Its an utter disgrace. One Sunday, a parking warden was in the area, so I enquired about the machines to see what he could do and he informed me that he wasn’t checking tickets on a Sunday but people are confused and don’t wasn’t to risk leaving their car without a ticket. Its an utter fiasco.’

4 thoughts on “Harold Hill councillor brands new tariffs a fiasco

  • 26th August 2019 at 8:59 am

    Good to hear a Havering councillor responding to local concerns. The Harold Wood councillors have their heads stuck in the sand about things local people are worried about.

  • 26th August 2019 at 8:16 pm

    We need more ‘Independent’ councillors in Havering – people are often quick to moan but less quick to put themselves forward and do the incredibly good work Jan is doing.


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