Adding insult to injury. Anger at inner city tower blocks.


Local Independent Resident Group activist Ross Elliott, reacting to the new planning application from the housing association Clarion for the ex-Somerfield site, has expressed his frustration with this and other developments on the A1306 in South Hornchurch. 

The prospective councillor  told the Havering Daily ‘Locally we were prepared for the area along the New Road to be developed, including apartment blocks, because that area is run down and we were promised a ‘Garden Suburb’.’  He added ‘What we didn’t expect however was more tower blocks and high densities which will inevitably put a strain on our services and in some cases our eyes too!’.

In April 2014 they (known as Circle then) obtained planning permission to built 497 properties, 3/4’s flats, nearly half 3 family bedroom+ units, 1:1 parking, and 3-6 storeys high, on the ex-Somerfield site.

The company have now put in a replacement application. This new plan adds over 200 units more units, a reduction in houses to 5%, family units of 3 bedrooms shrink to only 10%, tower blocks up to 14 high, and less than half a car per property.

Ross Elliott continued ‘Clarion have waited until Countryside got the Mayor to increase their numbers and heights in Beam Park before putting in their new plans. Clarion are adding insult to injury by overdeveloping their site. We are now faced with the New Road looking more like an inner-London borough and nothing like a ‘Garden Suburb’. After the debacle of Orchard Village, and now this proposed over-development, Clarion should drop to the bottom of the Council’s most-favoured housing association list.”  


He added ‘Residents do have an opportunity to oppose this new plan by e-mailing, quoting P1039.19, and complaining about the heights, density, too few houses and car parking and too few family bed-roomed properties! 

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