Havering Residents Association’s ‘Working Agreement’ with Labour.

Havering Residents Association have agreed and signed a ‘Working Agreement’ with Labour to ensure the Council has a functioning Administration.

The agreement includes the streamlining of the Council Committee process and the excessive amount of special responsibility allowances. The last administration had 10 Cabinet Members, 7 Scrutiny Committees and a number of other committees whose business could be dealt with elsewhere. The Council will now have two Scrutiny Sub-Committees in line with a number of other authorities, focusing on People and Places. The decision to streamline was first taken in 2018 by a cross-party working group but later overturned by the Administration. The new structure includes an additional £16,000 to aid the work of the scrutiny process. Councillors are only eligible for 1 Special Responsibility Allowance and with the Leader and Deputy Leader already receiving an allowance for their positions, they will not be in receipt of a Cabinet allowance.

The Leader of the Council Councillor Ray Morgon told the Havering Daily: “Scrutiny has been curtailed over the last four years, and we now need to empower Members to deliver effective scrutiny, holding the administration to account, we will also ensure all Councillors receive the necessary training to fulfil their duties. We will also focus on performance monitoring which has absent over the last four years and see scrutiny playing a strong role in this.”

Councillor Gillian Ford Deputy Leader of the Council added: “Now we have all the positions in place, the real work begins. Every elected Councillor has a role to play in listening to what residents are saying and acting on their concerns and recommendations, wherever possible. It will not be easy with pressures on services and budget deficits, but we will be open and honest as to what can and cannot be done”

The New Administration:

Leader of the Council – Councillor Ray Morgon

Deputy Leader of the Council – Councillor Gillian Ford

Cabinet Portfolios:

Councillor Ray Morgon – Policy, Strategy and Performance

Councillor Gillian Ford – Adults and Health

Councillor Chris Wilkins – Finance and Transformation

Councillor Graham Williamson – Development and Regeneration

Councillor Barry Mugglestone – Environment

Councillor Oscar Ford – Children and Young People

Councillor Paul Middleton – Corporate, Culture & Leisure Services

Councillor Paul McGeary – Housing & Accommodation Services

Councillor Keith Darvill – Climate Change

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