‘It is a very diverse role and a very important one’-Emergency Response Policing.

This week we focus on Emergency Response policing and the vital role it has in our communities. Emergency Response Teams are the very front line of policing who deal with an incredible workload on a daily basis. It is a very diverse role that sees officers attend the most challenging situations possible but most importantly be there to support the public at their time of greatest need.

If you want to make a difference in a person’s life and help them during a challenging time, then being an Emergency Response Officer is the perfect role for you.

To highlight the importance of this week and the role these officers do, the Havering Daily had the opportunity to meet PC Curt King, an Emergency Response Officer based here at East Area.

PC King has always wanted to be a police officer and follow in the footsteps of one of his relatives. He told the Havering Daily: “My great uncle was an officer and that began my interest from an early age and then I read an interview with one of the Westminster Bridge terror attack first responder’s and that really inspired me to be a police officer. The officer’s incredible service and bravery and mostly importantly dedication to the public definitely made me want to join the police.”

PC King is based at Freshwharf police station in Barking and is part of an investigative team.

“I am part of an Emergency Response Investigation Team where we focus on daily crimes that Emergency Response call officers do not have the chance to investigate. We focus on crimes such as car thefts and burglaries. We have a very strong and solid team that helps support each other.

“Emergency response policing really is a very diverse role. We have good days and bad days and some days that can be very morbid and tough but that is part of our society and it is our job to make sure we are there for our community. Our calls vary so much from helping a person with mental health needs to stopping people trying to harm each other with machetes and knives.”

Most calls are challenging in response policing and see our officers go into the most dangerous situations imaginable. Yet they do it day in and day out and still face horrific abuse from social media users.

“It can be difficult at times, language barriers can be a challenge especially when you are trying to help a person.”

When PC King is not at work and finally manages to have some time off, he enjoys playing paintball and meeting up with friends and colleagues for a well earned drink!

Thank you to all our front line police officers who really do an amazing job in our community.

PC Curt King.

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