NHS Worker joins Met Police as a volunteer to increase positive relations across East Area.

Kim Amman is an NHS Support Worker who has joined the Met Police as a volunteer to help provide even more positive relations across our community. Kim works with the London Safety Centre and is deployed to different areas across East Area to engage with the local community as much as she can and encourage positive relations between the police and community.

East Area police already have a good rapport with residents across the three boroughs and with the additional help of volunteers like Kim, these links are made even stronger.

Kim told the Havering Daily: “I am very much a people’s person and enjoy working with the community. I have good customer relation skills and enjoy building a good link with our local community.

“Working in the NHS has provided me with good learning tools that I am able to use as a volunteer. I love doing police work and I have spent a lot of time working with Sergeant James Kent and Sergeant Matt Parish from the Barking Town Centre Team.”

Kim undertakes in weapon sweeps, doing Met initiatives such as Walk and Talk, running stalls talking about crime prevention and other roles that work with the public.

“It is a great way to get the public to come and interact with the police and keep building good community links.

“Officers at the Barking Town Centre Team are very positive and really enjoy working with volunteers such as myself.”

Kim works up to twice a week as a volunteer and is now considering joining the Met full time as a police officer.

Well done Kim for your fantastic work in the community.

Kim out engaging with the community as a Met Volunteer.

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