Havering’s new leader and new administration sees end of long standing Tory rule.

At the first full council meeting since the local elections on May 5, last night at Romford Town Hall, a new leader of the council and a new administration was elected bidding goodbye to many years of a Conservative strong hold in Havering.

Councillor Ray Morgon, leader of the Havering Residents Association was voted in by colleagues and supported by Labour councillors as the new leader of Havering’s council. Havering Residents Association councillors will now work with Labour councillors to form the new administration to run Havering for the next four years.

Predicted by many as the party to win the elections, Havering now sees a new chapter in its local government.

The meeting was adjourned by the newly appointed Mayor Councillor Trevor McKeever last night to provide time for the new administration to now be formed.

Councillor Ray Morgon Havering’s new Leader of the Council.

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