‘People who work use foodbanks-how out of touch are these people?’

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Rainham food bank volunteer slams Tory Minister Lee Anderson after stating that there isn’t a massive need for food banks and that people cannot cook a meal properly.

Carol Baker has been working at the Rainham Trussell Trust food bank for the last two years. She was appalled to read the comments made by Tory MP Lee Anderson stating that there actually isn’t a massive need for food banks.

She told the Havering Daily:

“I don’t know what planet these people live on, but clearly they are out of touch with reality. People who use our food bank have a job and need the food bank to help them. All forms of people use food banks from parents, to newly arrived in the country to people who work regular jobs. The cost of living has spiralled so much that sadly they are a necessity today.

“Here at our food bank, Pastor Peter helps everyone. His motto is ‘do not let anyone go hungry’. We are constantly trying to get a regular supply of food for people and donations of fresh food.

“A mum came in three weeks ago and asked us to swap a packet of biscuits for a bigger packet so she would have more for her children. This is how bad the situation is and this man, who has been elected by the people to help people, is telling us that there isn’t a massive need for food banks.

The Rainham volunteer worker spends two days a week helping in the community and has seen an increase in people using the food bank.

“All types of people use food banks, the cost of living crisis has made this an awful situation. Yet this MP who has a food allowance, chooses to say things like this. He really needs to get in the real world.”

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