What next for Beam Park?

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South Hornchurch and Beam Park Independent Residents today write in the Havering Daily on the future of Beam Park following the withdrawal of the planned station.

The news that the Beam Park station would not be built because the Government wouldn’t approve it, came as a shock to new and existing residents alike. Worse still, it transpired that it had never been given approval but the Council’s passed planning applications and the GLA’s Rainham Housing Zone, were all reliant on a station being opened. 

In the pursuit of meeting housing targets, both authorities gambled that it would be approved, but never admitted that to the wider world. 

The result will be fallen property values, extra commuter time, delayed, amended and abandoned development, and reduced attraction for public transport and retail businesses. All this could leave the existing developments isolated and unwelcoming.

Plan B
The Council/GLA are presently trying to persuade the Government to change its mind on the station but it makes sense to develop a Plan B as the odds are the station will not be approved. Failure to prepare an alternative plan simply compounds the problem and leaves the now existing and future new residents in limbo. 

The detail is contained within the attached booklet, but in short is:
Launch a shuttle service from Beam Park to Dagenham Dock and Rainham stations – Upgrade both stations – Construct a residents only car park on-site – Future development to be more sympathetic to the wider area i.e. houses with gardens plus attracting quality business development to provide jobs rather than relying upon commuting.

View as an ebook here: Beam Park – Plan B

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