Campaign for Archery to Baton Bearer.

Charlie Keeble today writes in the Havering Daily:

This is the year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and there are going to be many amazing events taking place. One of them will see the athletes of the Commonwealth coming to Birmingham to play in the 2022 Commonwealth Games. I am very excited to see the Commonwealth Games come back to England and I have some very happy memories of serving the athletes and their sports. I was a volunteer at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014 where I was a field of play service attendant. It was a role I felt very proud to do as it was like being a noble and loyal servant of the Queen in an event that represented the pride of the Commonwealth and it’s mission to make a better world through sport. 

After I did my volunteering in Glasgow, I went back to playing my own sport. I play archery and it’s only a Commonwealth sport by optional choice to the host nations of the games. I wanted it to be a core sport as I believed it’s significance to the Commonwealth was very culturally connected and it was more than just about bows and arrows shooting at targets. So I started a petition to make archery a core sport in November 2014 and I kept up the campaign by blogging and networking with the archers of the Commonwealth and the sports organisations connected to the Commonwealth Games. In November 2021 I took my petition down to London and delivered it in person to their head office. 

Having made all this campaigning and delivering on what I set out to do I have now left it in the hands of the decision makers at the Commonwealth Games Federation. There is just one piece of publicity and act of duty I want to do for the Commonwealth that is taking place prior to the Birmingham 2022 Games. They are asking for people to be nominated to carry the Queen’s Baton which will be delivered on the last leg of it’s journey. A message carried in the baton will be read by the Queen at the Opening Ceremony on 28th July. I want to carry that baton in the relay through part of the way close to Havering. I would now like to ask you to nominate me as a baton bearer on this part of the journey. Thank You.

Follow the link here: Batonbearer Nominations | Birmingham 2022

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