VIDEO: Knife amnesty collects horror weapons off our streets.


After suffering depression following the death of his father Ryan Girling decided to change his life and make an impact on society. Ryan has established a facebook page entitled ‘Protect Our Children’ and has set up a knife amnesty group to rid the streets of London from these horrific weapons we are currently seeing.

In an interview with the London news section of the Havering Daily, Ryan talks to us about the weapons he has taken off our streets.

“I have always worked with our youth, I spent many years helping young people at different centres in the community. I knew I had to do something to try and stop this knife crime horror we are currently seeing on the streets of London.”

Ryan is based in Woolwich, but works across London collecting as many weapons as he can off our streets.

“I get calls from different people asking me to come and get knives or guns, I do regular collections and street patrols.

“It is important that we all play a part in stopping knife crime. It is all the community that needs to get involved and stop these nightmares.

“As knife crime campaigners we go out on the streets and tackle these problems head on. Also I am giving talks in schools to try and help our youth stay on the right path and not get involved in a life of crime.”

Ryan has done his first collection of knives and weapons of January 2022.

weapons collected by Ryan a few days ago.
The weapons collected off our streets.
Knife crime crusader Ryan Girling.

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