Romford MP calls protesters ‘criminals’ for blocking Essex roads.

Angry motorists were once again faced with disruptions due to the ‘Insulate Britain’ protesters causing road disruptions on the M25 slip road to Lakeside this morning.

Romford M.P. Andrew Rosindell has issued the following statement after Insulate Britain blocked Thurrock roads, including the M25.

Mr Rosindell M.P. said:

I am appalled to see Insulate Britain once again blocking roads and attempting to paralyse economic life. I know that many in Romford use the M25 and some will have suffered from the disruption caused this morning.

“I cannot fathom why we are treating these individuals so gently. What they are doing is truly appalling and the goal they claim to be pursuing – to insulate our homes – is a goal that they aren’t even pursuing in their own homes, with one of the leading members of the group never having insulated his home.

“It is time to call them what they are: they are not activists or protesters. They are common and repeat criminals who should be locked up, without bail, until a jury of their peers can pass judgement on their disgusting behaviour.”

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