Mound of earth-full of glass and plastic-angry local councillors question its use.

Elm Park Councillor Stephanie Nunn last week questioned a mound of earth that was dumped in Hornchurch Country Park by a council van. The Havering Daily ran a story on why the earth was there and had been provided with a quote by Havering Council Cabinet Member Osman Dervish.

Yesterday, Councillor Nunn, who had received several concerns about this mound from local residents, visited the mound to see for herself.

She writes:

Following reports in social media and The Havering Daily about hazardous top
soil being used in Hornchurch Country Park, armed with my trusty trowel I
went on a fact finding mission with Councillor Ray Morgon and Mr Martin Burdikin.

Mr Burdikin is a local resident who takes a daily walk in the park and is
one of the residents who had raised concerns.

It appears that however well-intentioned the official statement from Councillor
Dervish may be “to fill holes and craters throughout the park ensuring the
ground is safer for residents enjoying the open space,” you need to go and
have a look to see what the reality is. The soil definitely contains pieces
of glass and plastic, which are particularly dangerous to small children,
animals and the environment and it would be very difficult to sift it all
out. The official statement said “any contaminants are cleared from the
soil by our park rangers before it is used,” larger items maybe, but not all
as we witnessed today.

Where did the soil come from? How can it be made safe? These are the
questions I would like answered.

Councillor Ray Morgon with Martin the mound.
Plastic and glass amongst the earth.
Lots of rubbish amongst the earth.

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