The Beam Park Betrayal.

Today, members of the South Hornchurch & Beam Park Independent Residents Group write about the recent breaking news from local MP Jon Cruddas that the Government is pulling the finance and thus the delivery of the long-awaited Beam Park station.

Councillor Graham Williamson said “The whole development on New Road was predicated on the station being built. The station was not required just to travel into/out of London but was designed to artificially inflate land/property values to attract developers. Without the station, the result will be to suppress prices as potential buyers realise the area is not as attractive. 

I feel sorry for those residents that have already exchanged contracts (and there are only properties for sale at this stage), as their assets will devalue, and there is now insufficient parking for the estates already built/approved. 

Apart from property prices, there will be other consequences e.g. travelling to Rainham station instead, platform congestion as a result, businesses thinking of opening in Beam Park may decline given the reduced footfall, and future approvals may not be given unless the heights, density are lower and parking higher. 

This is a massive embarrassment for the Council who only offered the New Road, Rainham area for development on the basis of a station. 

The delivery of the station had already been fraught with difficulties. The Council, bizarrely, agreed to borrow monies to fund it. Realising it wasn’t feasible they handed it back to the GLA. The cost kept rising and they asked the Government for funding and that was initially agreed. 

Whatever some may claim, however, it is not lack of money/Covid that has motivated the Government. Following on from C2C’s desire to limit the number of carriages and service to Beam Park, the Government is now prioritising the line for goods from Tilbury & Thames Gateway (Freeports). It will be interesting to know who knew what and when?  Frankly, this is an unprecedented event and has left egg on the faces of Government, both national and local. The overall impact will be felt for years to come.”

Daniel Beal said “Beam Park Station is no more- I am reminded of the failed promises made to those that live on the Orchard Village Estate, a promised medical centre on the estate was pulled due to funding,

Here we have another estate where promises made are being taken back, Beam Park which is located in between Rainham Station and Dagenham Dock Station on the Fenchurch Street line, This estate is being built with inadequate parking spaces for residents to own or park a car with a  promised Station that has now been cancelled.

This can’t be allowed, we are living in an evolving world that is focused on reducing pollution and a reduction in burning fossil fuels how does it make sense to remove a transport link which will serve the residents of Beam Park and Orchard Village and surrounding areas.”

Ross Elliott added “Having spoken to residents of Beam Park, it’s clear that the proposed station played a big part when deciding to purchase their properties. The idea of a shorter commute time or investing in a property near a station was appealing, however, residents now feel let down, with some even feeling they were miss-sold their properties. Residents have confirmed the station formed part of the selling pitch when considering buying a property. I do wonder whether the homeowners are entitled to some kind of compensation? We will continue to work alongside residents to get the answers to their questions and support them with any actions they choose to take. Residents can contact us via email with any concerns

One thought on “The Beam Park Betrayal.

  • 20th September 2021 at 11:28 am

    Absolutely disgusting. The school will be next and where are those who have children going to school in the meantime. The schools are over subscribed already compared to when mine were at school. Also our local hospitals are at breaking point already and then the government wonders why the nhs is falling apart. They need to open their eyes. In future perhaps there should be a law that all these things need to be built before properties go up.


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