Vandals smash flowers and plant pot holders in act of violence.

Mindless thugs have smashed plant pots along The Royal walk way in Rainham last week, causing destruction to a walkway that was designed by the community. This act of brutish violence occurred last bank holiday Monday and has upset and angered local residents.

The walkway had been designed with lots of plant pots put up on railings and many flowers all set up by Sue Ospreay and Jackie McArdle along side the local community who wanted a place where people could come and eat their lunch and be surrounded by plants and flowers.

Sue told the Havering Daily:

“We were told on Tuesday 2 of September that the plant pots had been pushed off the railings, smashed and some hurled across the ground. No plant pot survived and all the flowers had been destroyed.

“Jackie was was so upset she actually cried, the community had put so much effort into do this walk way as place where people could come and enjoy their lunch and to see it like this is soul destroying.”

The area has a portrait and a bench there dedicated to Fay Harrington is clearly visible as a memorial area, yet these vandals still chose to smash it up.

Sue continued:

“Luckily we are a big community and a small minority of idiots like this will not get the better of our community, we have to bounce back and we will.

“Tesco have given us £50 to spend on plants and a lady called Kim Barnes came along with some plants for us.The good guys must always win.”

The ladies are now looking for new plant pot holders, so if anyone has any spare or would like to make some for the Rainham ladies, please email us at

Let’s support our local community and help Jackie and Sue who are amazing community champions.

The smashed plant pots.
Jackie with the new plants after the Tesco donation.
Sue with Kim Barnes who came to give donate new plants.

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