‘He strangled my son and then stabbed him nine times to finish him off.’

Yesterday 17th of August, marked the third anniversary of Joseph Cullimore’s death and the day his killer was released after serving just three years of a six year sentence in a juvenile prison.

Joe was strangled and as he lay dying on the floor his killer, a 16 year old boy, repeatedly plunged a knife into him to finish him off.

His mother Ann has now started #Joeslaw that is calling for juveniles over the age of 16 who kill, if found guilty of manslaughter or murder to serve the same punishment as an adult.

Ann told the Havering Daily: “My son Joe was stabbed nine times after being strangled and beaten unconscious. It was proven that he never touched his killer as he had no injuries and Joe had no defence wounds.

“His killer admitted to murder and even admitted to finishing him off and putting him out of his misery.”

Ann is now in her 70’s and struggles everyday to make sense of what has happened to her son.

“He lived round the corner from us, we had seen Joe’s killer grow up, we all knew him. I remember that night very well. I heard the sirens arrive and saw all the police cars and wondered what had happened. Then two police officers knocked on my door and asked me if I was Joe’s mum and told me that he had been killed.

“His injuries were so extensive it was difficult for us to comprehend what had happened.”

Joe’s killer was then placed into a psychiatric unit whilst waiting to go to court.

“He had threatened to kill my son before. He had told all his friends that one day he was going to kill someone and had taken a dislike to my son. We remember as child that he was often just sitting outside on his own or would throw all his mother’s furniture outside of her house.”

Joe’s killer appeared in court and initially pleaded guilty to his murder until his solicitor advised him to change plea. He laughed throughout the trial.

“He was so calm, it was like he was proud of what he had done.”

He was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to six years of which he has served three and will now be released on license.

“He was my only son, he was a father to three children and now our worlds have fallen apart. We don’t know how to feel except miserable. The only thing that keeps me going is fighting for #Joeslaw. I know nothing will ever bring my son back, but I have promised Joe I will keep fighting for him.”

Ann visits her son’s grave everyday as her pain is unbearable.

“No length of sentence will bring Joe back and his killer will be nearly 20 when he is released and have his whole life ahead of him.

“I am trying to stop this from happening to another family. If you are old enough to do the crime then you are old enough to do the time.”

If you would like to help Ann with #Joeslaw, please sign the petition below and help stop another family go through the nightmare Ann and her family suffer everyday.

Can you help out by signing this petition?

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