VIDEO: ‘I’m not letting a pervert stop me from being me.’


Farah London who recently ran as a London Mayoral candidate has spoken openly about her recent sexual assault and is encouraging women who have also been victims, to please speak out.

Last Sunday, the political figure was on her way to church when she was sexually assaulted in broad daylight on a busy London street. Shocked and horrified by what she experienced, she is now urging any woman who has also been victim of sexual abuse, to please report it.

In an interview with the London news section of the Havering Daily, she tells us:

“What is really sad is that 80% of women who experience sexual abuse don’t report. We need to be reporting it, it is really important.

“I was left very shocked. It was 10.30am and I was walking on Canon Street where a marathon was taking place and I had taken a quick video of the event that I was posting online when he came up to me and sexually assaulted me on the street.

“I couldn’t believe it, a lady who was walking behind me said to me ‘you’ve just been sexually assaulted.’ I stood there in disbelief.

“The awful part was he just stood there mocking me and was so chuffed, he was really proud of his actions. He actually taunted me and gloated over what he had done.”

Farah then reported the shocking assault to the police who have been investigating the incident.

“The police have been really good and have taken my clothes for forensic testing. It is so important that we as women, report assaults. It is fortunate that I am strong woman, but it still left me in shock, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for three days.

“If we don’t speak out against it, men like this will keep offending. This man was proud of himself and of that fact that he had sexually assaulted me. It left me feeling so violated. It is important to raise awareness of incidents like this and speak out against them. We should not be suffering in silence.

“I’m not letting a pervert stop me from being me.”

Speaking out against sexual assault.

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