‘Those plants bring a lot of joy to the community’-plants replaced after being stolen for a second time in Elm Park.

When the plants were stolen from inside the pot holders in Elm Park, local residents were angry and upset by what had happened and decided to replace them with more plants, only for them to be stolen yet again.

The first theft took place on July 21 and were replaced with new plants that were stolen the same evening.

Now, Rebecca who works at the Havering Volunteer Bureau, has replaced the plants to cheer her local area up in the hope that they remain in the plant holders!

She told the Havering Daily:

“I have added a sign inside the plant holders to specifically say that the plants have been given by the Havering Volunteer Centre, a local charity so please do not steal them.

“The area the plant pots are in is a busy area, so we hope that if anyone attempts to steal them, then someone might actually see them being taken.

“I went to Romford market and purchased all new plants to put in the large pot holders. They look so bare without any plants in them, it looks awful.

“Working at the volunteer centre means putting the community first and that is what we have done. I work with the local councillors here and have been weeding and helping them for the London in Bloom competition.

“Those plants bring a lot of joy to the community so it was important to have them replaced.”

Well done to Rebecca who is a real community champion.

The new plants with the sign in they hope they aren’t stolen again!

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