Community comes to children’s rescue! Tommy and Sophie’s very special prom.

Spoiler alert! This article will make you cry tears of joy!

Meet eleven year olds Tommy and Sophie from Dagenham who are the best of friends. The couple attended Richard Alibon School where they met and became close friends and have looked out for each other ever since.

Tommy has Down Syndrome and Sophie has Cholesteatoma, meaning she has two tumours in her ears, despite their challenges they are the happiest children you can find and love spending time with each other. So when Sophie asked Tommy to go to their prom together, Tommy had to accept.

Donna, Sophie’s mum told the Havering Daily:

“They have been friends for the last four years, they walk to school together in the morning, meet each other at lunch time and then walk home after school. They love spending time together and always look out for each other.

“We first met at the opening of Future Youth Zone here in Dagenham and we all became friends from there.”

So when Sophie decided to ask her friend Tommy to the end of school prom, of course Tommy could not say no. However, the couple did not have anyway of getting to the prom and both mums Donna and Lisa really wanted to make sure the children went in style and felt part of the community like everybody else.

The community came to the rescue and made sure Tommy and Sophie had the best prom escort Dagenham has ever seen.

Tommy’s mum Lisa Wells, took to Facebook to ask if anyone had a car the children could go in and the call was answered!

Laura Chapman from Lakeside (Lady.low on instagram) answered the call for help and arrived with her rose gold Bentley appropriately decorated for the prom of course.

Thomas Shelley with his 1969 classic Beetle came alongside an amazing biker gathering from Biker Escort Uk who led the way with their bikes.

But that was not all!

Tommy is a fan of the emergency services so the amazing Green Watch team from Dagenham Fire station who were on nights, gave up their time to come along with their fire engine and the lovely crew from the local Police Safer Neighbourhood teams also took time out from their busy shift to come and escort Tommy and Sophie to their prom. Locals were delighted to see our emergency service workers giving up their time from their busy day to come and support the community.

This really was a site to see for the community who all came out to grab photographs of the procession that took the two children to their special evening.

Thank you to everyone involved for making this day so special for these amazing children. You are all community heroes.

Sophie and Tommy with their ride.
Mum Lisa in the classic Beetle.
Our amazing emergency service workers who gave up their time to help the community.
Riders from the Biker Escort Uk who came to help.
Sophie with members of Green Watch
Our emergency service workers all helping the community.
Donna and her daughter Sophie.
Sophie and Tommy.

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