England heartbreak as Italy win 2020 final.

‘The devastation of getting so close but not being able to give the fans the trophy they wanted,’ were the heartbreaking words of the England manager Gareth Southgate after yesterday’s defeat against Italy in the final at Wembley. His team has given the country pride, respect and shown us the unity we should be embracing.

This England team have been an amazing example of just how united our country should be and has shown us how we should all be respecting each other.

The racist abuse that has been shown towards Marcus Rashford and Bukayo Saka is a total disgrace and those behind it are not fans, but vile individuals who have no place in sport or society.

Let’s pay our respects today to this team who have every right to hold their heads up high.

Here are pictures of the Kirby estate in Bermondsey, who have displayed over 400 flags.

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