Flash floods in Havering and mini tornado hits Barking-Freak weather across east London.

Thunder, lightening and heavy down pours hit the streets of Havering and Dagenham last night as a mini tornado struck in Barking.

Houses, gardens and roads were all under inches of rain, following a huge down pour across the two boroughs. In Hulse Avenue and neighbouring roads, a mini tornado struck with heavy winds knocking down walls, sending green bins flying across roads and front gardens literally destroyed.

Residents took to the streets in total shock to see the aftermath of a tornado with debris and collapsed walls across roads and gardens.

Shocking footage shows the eye of the storm across the streets of Barking as heavy winds battered the neighbourhoods.

Fire fighters were called throughout the evening and night from Havering to Barking and Dagenham to pump water logged roads and help remove collapsed trees and walls.

Havering’s Leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White said: “I have spoken with Havering Council officers who are pulling together to support residents during the downpour.If anyone needs assistance, please contact the council’s emergency out of hours number: 01708 433999.”

Collier Row saw heavy flooding, the River Rom in Roneo Corner burst its banks, Barnstaple Road and Taunton Road in Harold Hill experienced severe floods.

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos and videos with us.

Flooded Richmond Road in Romford.
Flooding under the railway bridge in Romford.
Main Road Romford.
Roneo Corner.
Water entering a house in Roneo Corner last night
Neave Crescent.
North Street
North Street
Dagenham East

One thought on “Flash floods in Havering and mini tornado hits Barking-Freak weather across east London.

  • 27th June 2021 at 9:04 am

    Dear Mr White, Further to your Living in Havering, Severe weather special edition, it was good of you to let us know that, quote, “I know that a number of residents have questioned on social media whether Havering Council should have been out in advance of the rain to clear drain and gullies. Unfortunately we were not able to predict the ferocity of last night’s storm. Indeed the Met Office only issued their yellow warning for rain and flooding for our area at 8.43pm by which time most of the damage had already occurred. However, even if we had been advised hours in advance of the rain and hailstones falling, drains and gullies became blocked due to the sheer volume of water falling in a short space of time, and the debris, leaves, and litter that was then swept into them.”, unquote. That is the most useless piece of information you have disseminated. We, the Council Tax Payers, as well as the Council, know it is going to rain, regardless of how much and when. As such, the Council are supposed to carry out regular maintenance of the drains and gullies throughout the year. That way, whenever it rains, and leaves etcetera are swept in to the drains, they are cleared early and not left to build up so that a flash flood occurs to such an extent as it did. Do your job, get back to clearing the drains and gullies on a regular basis, as used to be the case, and this will very much limit such terrible problems in the future. No, that costs money, but less than the cost to clean up the mess caused by the lack of maintenance. No brainer then… not to Mr White and the Council.


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