‘People chuck their rubbish out of the window, you often find dirty nappies and food on the path.’

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A single father with a four year old daughter has made a desperate plea to the council to be moved after years of living in nightmare conditions including finding syringes on the floor of his lift.

Dan who is from Rush Green, has been living on Barking Foyer for the last three years in what he has described as a ‘hell hole’ and has asked Barking and Dagenham Council and local MP Margaret Hodge to get him moved as quickly as possible.

He told the Havering Daily:

“I was moved here three years ago by the council after getting full custody of my daughter, but it has been really awful.

“When I first moved in we had no heating for a year and my daughter was just one year old then. The anti social behaviour here is terrible, people chuck their rubbish out of the windows. You often find dirty nappies and discarded food on the path as you walk outside.

“There is ongoing noise everyday, many people that live here take drugs and I find syringes on the floor of my lift. This is not a place I want to raise my daughter. Luckily she has trainers on when she goes to nursery otherwise she would have stepped on that syringe with her sandals and that would have been terrifying.”

The Rush Green single father has written to the Barking MP asking for help but has not received any support so far.

“My daughter and I are desperate to be moved. Her bedroom is currently our front room, there is no space and our surrounding is truly terrible. I’m hoping someone will please be able to help us.”

We have contacted Barking and Dagenham Council and are currently waiting for a response.

A syringe found on the lift floor.

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