Man fined for messy garden.

A man who failed to clear up his garden after being served two ‘untidy land’ notices has been successfully prosecuted at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court ( 8 June 2021).

The Notices (under powers given in Section 215 of the Town & Country Planning Act (1990)), required Mr Keith Eaton to clear and tidy the land and remove overgrown vegetation, rubbish, discarded metal and household goods and other waste from his garden areas.

Mr Eaton, owner of 7 and 11 Elm Road, pleaded guilty to the charges of failing to comply with each of the S215 Notices and will still now be required to tidy both properties in full, as well as pay the fines and incur a criminal conviction.

The Magistrates found in favour of Havering Council and ordered Mr Eaton to pay the following:

  • £330 for each offence, £660 in total
  • Victim surcharges totalling £66
  • £4,000 in costs to be repaid back to the Council
  • Total fines and costs of £4,726 was ordered to be paid within 28 days

Mr Eaton must now fully comply with both Notices and clear the front and rear gardens within 12 weeks or face a second series of prosecutions.

Councillor Damian White, Leader of Havering Council, said:

“This successful prosecution shows that home owners will not get away with flouting planning laws and I’d like to thank Council officers for all of their efforts with this case.

“This is a prime example of why residents should keep their garden areas clear and tidy and free from waste as not doing so is harmful to nearby neighbour’s enjoyment of their own gardens. Failure to do so will cause expense and hassle that is far in excess of just keeping garden areas clean and tidy in the first place.”

For more information about the Notices the Planning Enforcement Team serves, please visit our online public register here:

The messy garden.

3 thoughts on “Man fined for messy garden.

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  • 13th June 2021 at 11:33 am

    Our wonderful Leader of Havering Council, Mr White, spouts off about how he’d like to thank his Council officers for all of their efforts with this case. Unfortunately, he ‘has jumped the gun’ a bit on this one. His mighty Council officers efforts are not all as clever and efficient as he makes out. I am aware of a neighbour, written to by his ‘team’ regarding an alleged untidy backyard, where these idiots have used the same address as the person to whom they have written to, as being the address that is supposed to be untidy. It’s not the same address, and, a week after phoning to speak to the officer concerned, and being promised a return call, no one has phoned back. You really do need to get a proper grip of your ‘team’ Mr White. All they seem to do is show you up by their own inadequacies. I guess, one lame duck being in charge, generally rubs off on all the other ducks underneath.

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