New Havering project aims to keep infection rates low.

This week, Havering Council launched a new Covid-19 pilot project, to help support residents that need to isolate.

The Council has recruited and trained staff to work with residents that have tested positive or may have been exposed to Covid-19.

The project will offer a friendly point of contact for those residents and provide an efficient response to further outbreaks if they arise.

These ‘Isolation Outreach Officers’ will visit every positive case in the community to check how they are coping with isolation, and asking whether they need any financial or non-financial support that the Council could offer.

Mark Ansell, Director of Public Health, said:

“Whilst we continue to see a fall in infection rates, it is vital that anyone told to self-isolate continues to follow that advice so that we can drive out the infection. This local approach will allow us to be even more effective, as well as offer support to residents that need it.”

Under the previous national contact tracing system it could take between 2-3 days for positive cases to be passed from Public Health England to local teams. This pilot means those returning a positive test will now be called by Havering’s Isolation Outreach Team, with up to two visits to each positive case over the 10 day isolation period.

Councillor Damian White, Leader of Havering Council, said:

“Early identification of transmission is vital to reducing the number of Covid-19 infections With this local approach, we can react faster and effectively so we can support our residents, save lives and prevent the spread of the virus.”

More information is available:

2 thoughts on “New Havering project aims to keep infection rates low.

  • 8th June 2021 at 11:42 am

    According to the council’s own figures there have been no corona-related deaths in Havering over the last 5 weeks. This is due to the elementary fact warm weather and sunshine kills ALL microscopic respiratory viruses, hence why they’re seasonal. Check LB Havering website “Havering Covid-19 Statistics”.

    And covid-19 has been and gone, hence why they’re now talking about “variants”, but these won’t survive in the sunshine either, hence why the promotion of penal isolation in summer is the opposite of sensible health advice, and very cruel, as getting out and about in the sunshine does you the power of good and keeps you healthy.

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