Councillors visit Bretons Farm allotments.

Councillors Barry Mugglestone and Stephanie Nunn (Elm Park Ward) asked for a site visit at Bretons Farm Allotments after being advised of serious flooding issues here.

They were joined by Councillor Graham Williamson (South Hornchurch Ward) as residents in this adjoining ward, (Fontayne Avenue) have also suffered serious flooding in their homes and gardens. 

Cllr. Barry Mugglestone, Cllr.Stephanie Nunn, Cllr. Graham Williamson

Councillor Nunn told the Havering Daily: “Flooding has occurred here for the past twenty years.  Lack of drainage through the infill of ditches and other causes have contributed to the problem.   We thank the resident who has had an allotment here for 45 years for bringing this to our attention.   A short term solution is to pump the water away, but we are pleased to have had this site visit with an officer to discuss a long term plan to finally resolve the issue.


“Not only do the allotments flood, some of the residents who live in Fontayne Avenue have also suffered with flooding to their homes and gardens.   A resident joined the site visit and told us how she had spent £3,000 raising the level of her garden, but much had been washed away.  In desperation last time there was flooding she turned to the Fire Brigade who pumped the water out continuously for 24 hours.  She has also had to put a pump under her floorboards.

“We are working with Havering Council to find a long term solution here.”

Councillors talking with residents

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