Long running water leak in Collier Row despite being reported endless times.

A community activist is angry that ‘thousands of gallons’ of water have been lost due to a water leak that has been going on for two months. The water leak is on White Hart housing land near Cumberland House and despite the authorities being notified and sent reminders, has been allowed to go on and on.

Although the authorities were notified and also sent reminders, thousands of gallons are believed to have been lost, as water flows from land across a pavement, into a gutter and then a down a long stretch of White Hart Lane.

Community activist and public spirited citizen Dave Ainsworth, told the Havering Daily: “I’ve reported this three times on Essex & Suffolk Water Company’s website. Twice they’ve confirmed this leakage and informed me that, as it’s from Havering Council property, it’s been reported it to the Council.  As for the council I’ve notified their Streetcare Department, the Housing Chairman and all three Mawney Ward Councillors.”  

Mr.Ainsworth added “It’s appalling when considering so many parts of our modern world lack freely available plentiful clean water, we tolerate a loss of thousands of gallons of this precious commodity”.

The community activist went further by suggesting reasons for a total lack of action, stating, “Havering Council has major demarcation issues. Ask almost anyone who reports matters to our Council and they’ll be referred to different Departments and personnel who’ll all say it’s somebody else’s task. People go around and around in circles while nothing gets done. Streetcare is presently having a bad patch which isn’t helped by resignations of respected and experienced Officers who’ve served with loyalty for decades”.

A spokesperson for Havering Council said: “The council has been working with Essex and Suffolk Water to discover the source of the leak, and repair work is scheduled to take place this week, which should fix the problem.”

One thought on “Long running water leak in Collier Row despite being reported endless times.

  • 11th May 2021 at 8:54 pm

    This just about sums up the incompetence of the Council and those that purportedly run it. Of course we mustn’t forget that this applies to Essex and Suffolk Water as well. ‘Not my problem Gov’! Reminds me of a similar situation in Midhurst Close where a large willow tree fell down and, fortunately, only damaged parked vehicles. When the Council were approached, they decided that, “It’s nothing to do with Havering Council as it is on Tfl land”. When Tfl were written to, guess what, they replied that the area is outside their boundary, so is the responsibility of the Havering Council. Well, if it’s not Havering Council’s land, and it’s not Tfl’s land, first in best dressed. Go claim it for yourself. No one seems to own it, or, because it’s going to cost money to resolve, no one wants to ‘own’ it. Does the Council really know what land is theirs, or not? Bit like Hornchurch Police Station, the one that our beloved Leader told everyone the Council had bought…. NOT! So, if the Council THINK they own Hornchurch Police Station, but don’t really, it’s not surprising they don’t know what land they are responsible for in Midhurst Close!!!! It doesn’t really matter after all, to the Council, it’s all water, ‘across a pavement, into a gutter and then a down a long stretch of White Hart Lane.’


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