Teenager to ride from Great Ormond Street to Hainault Forest to raise money for his 5 year old cousin.

13 year old Liam from Cranham is an amazing young man. In January, the teenager ran a marathon along the streets of Cranham to raise money for Parkinson’s. Liam lives on the Cathedral estate and is very close to his grandfather Andy who was sadly diagnosed earlier in the year with Parkinson’s, prompting Liam to do everything he could to help raise money for the charity.

Now, on May 1st Liam is going to be riding from Great Ormond Street to Hainault Forest to help raise money for his 5 year old cousin Olive who recently had a stroke.

Despite being only five years old, little Olive suffered a stoke eight weeks ago. She was a fit and healthy girl, with no complications until she suffered this life changing event. Olive under went a seven hour operation and was told she would never walk again. She has now made her own journey and is walking due to her strength and determination.This is what has prompted Liam to raise as much money as he can to help his cousin get the physio she needs.

Liam is a promising Colchester United football player and has gained the support of his club.

The teenager and his family have been shocked to the core by these tragic events. Her parents have been through hell and back, but little Olive is a warrior and is even managing to smile once more despite her horrendous ordeal.

Olive has been accepted to a rehab centre called Tadworth which is run by a children’s charity called The Children’s Trust. She will stay here for 12 weeks of intense physio and therapy but sadly there is a waiting list and time can’t be wasted with a brain injury.

Please help Liam raise money for his cousin Olive and her battle to walk again.

If you would like to donate, please see the link below.


5 year old Olive in Great Ormond Street hospital.

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