‘There is no community spirit like the one here in Rainham’.

A local man has praised his community for being amazing and supportive during these challenging times. Duane from Rainham wants a special message to be sent out about just how incredible his local community is and how they have come together during a difficult year to support each other.

He told the Havering Daily: “In February 2019 I had an accident, I was hit by a car whilst on my motorbike on my way home from Queen’s hospital in Romford where I work. It was here that this all began. During my recovery I had people in the community offering to make me dinner and bring me dinner or things I needed. That was lovely, so during the beginning of the pandemic, as we were all scared I wanted to give back to the community.

“I would post a message every single morning wishing my community well and that they all stay safe, I was getting great feedback and it appeared everyone loved my posts, I, even to this day have people say thank you and that they miss them. I really had some great support from well wishers in the community during the height of it all. I once posted one of my stay safe messages and how I couldn’t for Burger King to open , saying ” I really fancy a whopper”. Some weeks later when Burger King had opened with a limited menu, I received many people offering to go and get me a whopper. It seems so small of a gesture but the kindness of our community was over whelming.

“Rainham has had a tough time with crime and all of us here often feel like the “forgotten place” but you can’t beat the true spirit of our community. We all pull together when the time requires us to. All you have to do see how true this is, is spend some time on the Rainham Facebook page. You will see the good will of Rainham folk for your self.

“We had a young girl who’s bike was stolen and within a short period of time someone in the community had offered her a bike they had in the shed. A teenager lost her phone and within minutes someone had offered her a replacement. A local company had also offered to help. A young mother recently found her self in tough times and the community of Rainham pulled together with offers of food and money to help her. Some months back a local family suffered a house fire, again Rainham pulled together and did what they could. The community congratulated me recently on an award I won at work and praised me once again for all the stay safe messages I’d posted months before.

“We don’t always feel safe in Rainham and I believe this is due to outsiders coming in and causing trouble but I can tell you this, if you ever need help the community of Rainham will always pull together. Out of all the wards in Havering or in fact any of the London boroughs there, is no community like the strong, united, loving community of Rainham.”

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