Knife seller asks woman does she have any children interested in buying a knife.

A Harold Hill woman was outraged to find a man selling knives on her doorstep asking her if she had any children in the house that would be interested in having a knife.

The lady who lives along Petersfield Avenue was confronted by a man last week who knocked on her door, all dressed in black showing her a collection of knives to buy.

She told the Havering Daily: “It was just after 9:30 am and he knocked on the door clearly showing me many knives in a large box asking me if I was interested in buying some. He was very pushy and tried to intimidate me and when I told him he shouldn’t be selling knives like that on doorsteps, he proceeded to ask me if I had any children in the house that would be interested in buying the knives.”

The lady who did not wish to be named, called the police to report the incident as soon as he left but was left angered by what had gone on.

“I told him openly that he can’t be selling knives like this on people’s doorsteps. I said to him why are you doing this?This is not salesmanship this is just pure intimidation. He then carried on in my group of flats trying to sell the knives to the others who live here. It’s disgusting.”

Following this, the same man and a group of others with him were seen approaching shoppers on Hilldene Avenue trying to sell knives openly to people walking past or driving in their cars.

Pictures of the sellers were then put up on social media to inform the community of what had happened. Following this, Dave Curtis, founder of the Harold Hill Unleashed facebook community group spoke with the knife seller and clearly informed him that he is not to sell his knives in our community any further.

Well done to the local community who came together to prevent further issues like this from arising.

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