Easter Food bank held in Romford and Collier Row.

Two special Easter Sunday foodbanks were held on South Street in Romford and outside of the Collier Row Community centre, run by the Dr Khalid Saleem Foundation and supported by The Fat Pizza.

The Havering Daily joined the Romford Foodbank where hot and cold food was being distributed to locals on Easter Sunday.

Dr Saleem runs the foodbank fortnightly across the two locations to help feed locals across the borough who need extra support. This weekend, Ripu and Sunny Cchina from The Fat Pizza and their two boys, were also present to hand out free pizza to anyone needing a hot meal.

Dr Saleem and Ripu and her husband have really dedicated their life to donating food to members of our community who need the extra help. They truly are community heroes.

If you run a cafe or restaurant and would also like to donate food to this amazing foodbank, please email us at newsdesk@thehaveringdaily.co.uk.

One thought on “Easter Food bank held in Romford and Collier Row.

  • 6th April 2021 at 9:14 pm

    Send me details and I will make a donation. I am retired but i can
    manage to help a bit. I have never gone hungry in my 76 years.


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